A Brief Bio

Patrick Cocherl III is a professional golf entertainer and an owner of 'Paddy whack golf' arts and entertainment, brought up in the city of Kansas on 18th February, 1987.

Patrick “Paddy whack” cocherl is youngest of 5 siblings. He spent his whole life living in Leawood with an opportunity to attend well-known Blue valley school district and finishing off at world class Blue valley high school. In high school, Patrick Cocherl has mostly played football in second-year, baseball for all 4 years and acted in various musical production (although, he was deaf by tone ) and dramas, one being ‘The Grapes of wrath’. Also, he was involved in the 5th wall comedy troupe.

Since he was 6, Patrick has played golf. He was more fascinated on how far he could hit each club. In 2012, he had a fine chance to meet with Mike Zeigler (a long drive professional) and  trick shot exhibitionist in Florida. It was then, Patrick was first introduced to long-drives. In 2013, Mike worked one-to-one with Paddy whack while instilling work ethics required to compete at higher levels.

In his first year, Patrick was qualified for 2013 world long drive finals going through region 5 in lawrence, Kansas. He couldn’t do what he did, without the help of people around him. He took a moment to share his regards to sponsors, their beliefs, and also to Behman Zakeri, Bank of Blue Valley and others who wished to remain anonymous, to his parents who have helped him during the highs and lows, his brother and sisters - lucky to have siblings like them, to all his friends - best part of his life who have remained with him through thick and thin.

According to him, no one is a failure who has friends in his life, Coach and friend Mike Ziegler and thanking largely to Bobby Bradley who gave him enough opportunities to work with his company - Charity golf international. All these were a big life changers to him.

Patrick Cocherl's long drive career

Longest drive - 443 yards

Longest putter - 307 yards

Longest PW - 210 yards

Longest competition drive - 411 yards

2013, 2015 - Two world championship appearance